Don Anderson

Donald SmithDon is Toucan’s Programmes Manager. He has worked in I.T. and web communications for 21 years and has a knack of making things work, and work well, no matter what gets in the way. He’s a great innovator and business analyst, as well as a tried-and-true strategic thinker.

Peter Hall-Jones

Peter is Toucan’s Peter Hall-JonesWeb Developer and Content Manager. He specialises in cloud and content services for international projects. Peter has worked in strategic communications and I.C.T. for 22 years, in France, Switzerland and New Zealand, mostly in the health & non-profit sectors.

Paul Wratten

Paul WrattenPaul is Toucan’s Senior Engineer. He has overseen many large-scale IT programmes and has been a technical leader in the corporate sector for 23 years, working across a huge range of IT platforms. He’s a problem-solver by nature, and one of the most friendly and down-to-earth guys you’ll ever meet. Paul has a fascination with stringed instruments, from building & maintaining to playing.

John Watson

John is Toucan’s Project Manager. Based in the U.K., he has worked mainly in France and Switzerland for the last 12 years – primarily in online communications for the World Health Organisation. He has also led other web development projects for a number of national and international organisations.

Steve McCabe

Steve McCabeSteve is Toucan’s Services Manager.  He has 19 years experience working on innovative I.T. projects and approaches hands-on work with a creativity and good-humour that’s rarely seen in the I.T. world. Steve’s speciality is rapid-development projects. He is also singer/songwriter for NZ’s legendary band The Axemen.

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